APPELE Community Hearings briefs presented on the 19th, 2019



Quebec Community Groups Network :

Quebec English School Boards of Association :

The Community Econonic Development and Employability Corporation :

Canadian School Board Association :

Townshippers :

Spiritual Care, Guidance and Community Animation Services :

Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations :

Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) :

English Speaking catholic Council :

Quebec Associations of Independant Schools :

Quebec Provincial Association of Retired School Educators :

Briefs presented at the National Assembly – Nov 4th to 14th 2019

Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec :

English Parents’ Committee Association :

Quebec Board of Black Educators and Black Community Resource Centre :

St Thomas High School :

The United Church of Canada :

An open letter to Education Minister Roberge regarding Bill 40 by Brian Rock :

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